Top 10 best article spinner software (Febrary 2021)

Are you looking for a best article spinner software?

There are several new bloggers, SEO specialists, and even students, just like you, who are looking to spin and produce 100% plagiarism-free content.

But it becomes impossible to pick the ideal one with too many best article spinner software present on the market.

In addition, the content created by it is of little value, even if you cross your fingers and buy the best article spinner software. That is, the plagiarism evaluation either fails or sounds robotic.

However, this is going to change today.

I will mention the 10 top best article spinner software in this blog that are renowned for their paraphrasing information services.

Here’s an –

Overview Of best article spinner software

SoftwareRatingFree Trial/PlanDiscounts & Bonuses*Pricing
Spin Rewriter⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5.0/55 days free trial60% discount & 4 bonusesStarts at $77/year
The Best Spinner 4⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9/5No free trial2 exclusive bonusesStarts at $67/year
CleverSpinner⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.7/53 days free trial11% discount with coupon Single plan at $9.90/month
Spinner Chief 6⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.2/5Free plan59% discount & 1 bonusStarts at $23/month
Chimp Rewriter⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.5/514 days free trial3 exclusive bonusesStarts at $15/month
WordAi⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.4/53 days free trial42% discount on annual planStarts at $49.95/month
QuillBot⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.4/5Free planUp to 32% discountStarts at $4.95/month
Content Professor⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.3/5Free plan4 exclusive bonusesStarts at $19.95/month
Spinbot⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.0/5Free planUp to 38% discountStarts at $10/month
PrePost SEO⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3.8/5Free planNo discount & bonusesForever free
Small SEO Tools⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3.8/5Free planNo discount & bonusesForever free

If you happen to purchase any rewriting tools by clicking the links on this website, you will get an exclusive 10-in-1 bonus package.

What Are best best article spinner software?

best article spinner software are automated or web applications that instantly rewrite, without sacrificing their context, or paraphrase the input material into several separate copies.

All you have to do to use them is to copy the text and paste it into the content (input) box of the article spinner.

The material reached is assumed to be the initial content and the production is referred to as spun or paraphrased content.

Mind you, the method of content spinning is completely automated.

Is Article Spinning Legal?

Yes, definitely, absolutely. Paper spinning or the rewriting of documents is totally legitimate.

It was strongly frowned upon and often regarded as a black hat SEO strategy a few years ago when article spinner tools entered the digital marketing industry.

Yet it has received some good reviews and customer feedback over the years. Moreover, rather than using it for the wrong means, the developers have continued using it for the right purposes.

So, you won't face any legal trouble as long as you don't blindly copy the original content with your own project (blog, article, activities, etc.).

Who Will Use the Spinner Article?

Anyone who has little to do with content or published articles should use article spinners.

SEO specialists, for example, use article rewriter to generate many copies of their own content (if required). This makes sure there is no duplicate material on their websites.

Besides this, students enjoy these methods for spinning posts since they can quickly paraphrase their activities or assignments.

So, you may use these resources to achieve full benefits if you are concerned with written (or even verbal) material.

How Do You Use An Article Rewriting Tool For Content Spinning?

All the article spinners mentioned in this blog post have been designed in such a way that they can be used by even a beginner. The main steps for spinning the content using this software are here.

  1. You'd have to build an account for online essay spinners like Spin Rewriter, Cleverspinner, WordAi, etc. first. Although rewriters such as The Best Spinner 4, Spinner Chief 6, Chimp Rewriter, etc. will have to download and instal the applications first for the post.
  2. Once you are signed in or have keys to the downloadable app, all you have to do is copy the original content/article and paste it into the software rewriter module. It is also acceptable to upload a . ZIP file with the content. However, if the material is not accessible, you can still import new content from the library of seed articles available in the software (Spin Rewriter).
  3. All you have to do is set the spinning rules after copying-pasting or importing the text, such as protecting those keywords, percentage of synonym use (determines general uniqueness), spintax format, etc.
  4. Finally, you can launch the spinning phase with a single click until you are pleased with the settings. Because all of the article spinners tools is advanced, you'd just have to wait a few minutes to get the spun content. You can then copy and paste the material to wherever you choose, or as a .Pdf format, export/download the spun content.

This is it..!! Within four stages, with the assistance of resources listed in this blog post, you can spin any content.

Does Article Spinning Still Work?

If you’d have asked me this question a few years back then I would have said no.

But now, article spinner application has become so smart and advanced that it creates perfectly readable content. Thanks to the usage of advanced technologies such as Natural Language Synthesis, Artificial Intelligence and Emulated Natural Language.

The tools are now capable of spinning content into several languages, in addition to maintaining the original sense of the information intact.

That's why it has been used in their work routines by many bloggers and SEO experts. Many beginner bloggers depend entirely on it for blogging. That being mentioned, you will get to know something about blogging and how it operates if you belong to the latest array of bloggers.

Now that you know the fundamentals and have explained some questions as well, it is time to discuss in depth all the best article rewriter & article spinner methods…

1. Spin Rewriter – Top Article Rewriter

If you do not want to compromise after spinning with the importance of your article or content, then you can certainly go with Spin Rewriter (recently updated to its 11th version). Content with a human-like consistency is known to produce.

The app is filled with cutting-edge ENL technology that is known to exponentially refine the consistency of the spun material. In addition, comprehensive video guides and a library of seed articles have been provided by the team behind this software to help you get started quickly.

Because of this, more than 150,000 people have actively used Spin Rewriter, including SEO professionals, authors, teachers, translators, etc. It's so strong and user-friendly, believe me.!!!!

spin rewriter software

What Makes Spin Rewriter The Best Article Spinner?

  • The Emulated Natural Language technology that spins the text without completely sacrificing its real sense is used by Spin Rewriter. In plain terms, by holding its original sense unchanged, the app first knows the sense of the material and then spins it.
  • Spin Rewriter has the usefulness of creating up to 1,000 iterations of your original content in one go, unlike other article spinner tools. Multi-level spinning is also feasible with the Spin Rewriter.
  • This app helps you to turn more than one substance at a time as well. The Spin Rewriter will spin 10 papers in a single attempt. What you need to do is either copy-paste 10 posts or upload 10 article files to a .zip file. Typically, this work is called bulk article spinning.
  • You may still equate the original content and spun content by having it side-by-side with the Spin Rewriter. This way, you will verify if there are inconsistencies (there are mostly no discrepancies).
  • It also includes integration with stock images that Spin Rewriter will use to provide appropriate pictures between your rewritten paragraphs. Not to overlook, Spin Rewriter also provides collaboration with Copyscape and other leading SEO software.

Spin Rewriter Pricing

Since seeing the feature set of Spin Rewriter, you have to assume that it will be costly. On the opposite, with weekly, annual, or lifetime plans, Spin Rewriter is pretty cheap and available. You'd probably be delighted to hear that all the plans provide unrestricted access to the instrument.

  • Monthly – It will $47/month for using Spin Rewriter.
  • Yearly – Yearly Plan comes to $77/year (5 days free trial) and also offers a couple of great bonuses.
  • Lifetime –$497, you could secure lifetime access to Spin Rewriter.

Although what you have to bear in mind here is that only the annual package allows you access to the two bonuses.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐ 5.0/5Check out the Spin Rewriter review and know why it has been rated 5 out of 5 stars.Try Spin Rewriter Free For 5 Days

See Our How to create a free website

2. The Best Spinner 4 – Best Article Spinner Software

The Best Spinner 4 is its predecessor's 4th edition. This means that it has been refined by the people behind this article spinner tool to the point where it is now known as the best article spinner.

The software is generally downloadable and supported on all computers running Windows and Mac. In addition, TBS 4 also has a large library of 130,000 publications on seeds. Much as any of its competitors.

The Best Spinner 4 is close to catering for 100,000 users as of now. And, with its article spinning capabilities, all of its customers are extremely pleased. It is so effective that it was directly recommended to his followers by one of the renowned marketers, Matthew Woodward. And, not to mention, on its official webpage, TBS 4 also contains my testimonial.

the best spinner 4

What Makes The Best Spinner 4 The Best Article Rewriter?

  • With a single press, it has the ability to create 100 iterations of your original content. This falls under the spinning function of the multi-level post.
  • It is also possible for the Best Spinner 4 to spin material into 14 different global languages. No other rewrites of the paper have the ability to help multilingual spinning of papers other than TBS 4.
  • With the help of its inbuilt text-to-speech module, this article spinner tool can also create an audio/mp3 file from any content. Again, this function is not given by any other software.
  • The tool contains the English Thesaurus, which is managed and revised by actual people from all over the world. It means the app is going to be well versed in the world's popular lingos and catch-phrases.
  • You can spin the content and post it directly on your WordPress site with the aid of The Best Spinner 4. This aspect of direct publishing can be useful for saving a lot of time and manual effort.

The Best Spinner 4 Pricing

The Best Spinner 4 has kept its prices highly competitive, despite being considered as the best article rewriter tech. As of now, with yearly membership, it provides 3 separate pricing plans.

the best spinner pricing
  • Basic – This plan is ideal for casual users and would come at the price of $67/year. This grants complete access to the tool but only 30 monthly credits for audio conversion and no bonuses.
  • Standard – It is the most sought-after plan of The Best Spinner 4 and has a price tag of $127/year. This plan offers complete access to the tool but with 60 monthly credits for audio conversion. All the bonuses are also included in this plan.
  • Pro – At $247/year, you could extend your monthly audio conversion limit to 300. Apart from this, you get complete access to the software along with bonuses.

Rating –  4.9/5Get The Best Spinner 4 With 2 Bonuses

3. CleverSpinner – Cheapest Article Rewriter

CleverSpinner is an AI-based tool that is undoubtedly one of the best available article rewriter & article spinner software. The artificial intelligence it uses is very sophisticated & special, and this is probably why its success has blown me away. It is clever enough to spin the material as if it were composed by a fluent English speaker.

Not just this, CleverSpinner happens to be one of the cheapest and easiest of all the article rewriters listed in this blog. All you need is to copy & paste the content, press a button, and in a matter of a few seconds, you can get the spun content.

cleaver spinner

What Makes CleverSpinner The Ideal Article Rewriter?

  • CleverSpinner is an intuitive software that knows before spinning the context and meaning of phrases first. This is because of the artificial intelligence native to it.
  • The app also promises to deliver 100% original content and will pass the duplicate content test of Copyscape.
  • If your original content has complicated sentences and phrases, after the spinning process, CleverSpinner will simplify them.
  • CleverSpinner also speaks proudly about the speed of its article rewriting process. I have directly confirmed that spinning a 500-word article takes only a few seconds.
  • It also has a comprehensive synonyms library. It also provides the best quality synonyms when spinning articles.

CleverSpinner Pricing

CleverSpinner is the cheapest article rewriter tool listed in this blog, just as I essential parameter. With that being said, CleverSpinner's inexpensiveness doesn't mean it's not powerful enough. On the opposite, the efficiency of CleverSpinner is unmatched.

CleverSpinner offers just a single plan with 3 days trial period –

  • A basic fee of $9.90 per month that offers complete access to the software.

Rating –  4.7/5Try CleverSpinner Free For 3 Days

4. Spinner Chief 6

Spinner Chief 6 offers advanced article spinning features, among all the best article rewriter & article spinner software. With its content rewrite abilities, it is so powerful that the content generated after spinning appears to be written by an actual human.

Spinner Chief 6 uses, in addition to this, natural language processing and A.I. Technology to understand, before turning, the importance of original content. This means the article rewriting is of higher quality.

And, not to forget, either online or offline, Spinner Chief 6 can be used. You can use it on any Windows or Mac computer and even on any web browser in ability to talk plainly.

What Makes Spinner Chief 6 The Top Article Rewriter?

  • Spinner Chief 6 is Using Emulation technology, Part-Of-Speech analysis, Emulated Natural Language, A.I., to create human-like quality content. In science. It is the most sophisticated software when it comes to the volume of advanced technology used.
  • A unique tool which supports 20 global languages is Spinner Chief. So with Spinner Chief 6, you get to spin content in different languages. In addition, in this app, the bulk or batch article spinning feature is also available.
  • Spinner Chief 6, like other article rewriter software, also has a cloud-based Thesaurus that its users actively manage and refresh.
  • A built-in grammar checker and the ability to set article spinning rules are both supported by this software.
  • The tool supports all of the big spintax formats as well. And, it also helps you to shield the spinning mechanism from such keywords.

Spinner Chief 6 Pricing

Spinner Chief 6 has the widest variety of other advanced article rewriting features, in addition to the features listed above. Meaning, you'd unlock more advanced features and use limits if you select higher plans.

The short description of the flexible pricing plans for Spinner Chief 6 is below. Please note that the rates shown below are for the “Pre Christmas Discount Offer.”

For Personal Users

There are 3 different versions with different billing cycles under this category.

  • Free – As a free article spinner, Spinner Chief 6 is available. But bear in mind that only simple features will give the free article rewriter edition of Spinner Chief 6.
  • Elite – The Elite package will have a few Spinner Chief 6 enhanced features that will come with a one-time $80 charge (the initial price is $197).
  • Ultimate –This package provides private customers with full advantages and all functionality (expect squad features). With multiple billing periods, it has 5 separate sub-plans.
    • #1 – One-time fee of $125
    • #2 – An yearly subscription worth $43/year
    • #3 – $23/month for monthly subscription
    • #4 – An initial charge of $7 for 3 days. After that, a yearly subscription of $47/year
    • #5 – Try it for $7 for 3 days then pay a $142 one-time fee

For Team Users

This pricing category will suit you the best if you run an SEO agency. The price is based on the number of team members and allows access to the article rewrite tool either for life or annually.

  • For 3 Team Members – The first option is a one-time fee of $257 (original price – $627). The second option offers a yearly billing option with a price tag of $113/year. Lastly, the third option offers a 3 days trial at $7 which is followed by a one-time fee of $265.
  • For 5 Team Members – Similarly, the first option is $388 one-time payment (original price – $947), the second is $191/year and the third option is $7 for 3 days trial and a $396 one-time fee.
  • For 10 Team Members – Spinner Chief 6 for 10 team members is available at 3 different costs i.e. $650 (one-time fee), $257/year, and $7 (3 days trial) + $654 one-time payment for lifetime access.

I advise you to find out the pricing in depth if you are having difficulty knowing the pricing structure of Spinner Leader 6. Bear in mind that there is a distinct collection of features in all the plans listed above.

Rating –  4.6/5Try Spinner Chief 6 For Free

5. Chimp Rewriter – Best Article Rewriter Tool

Are you looking for a desktop-based, completely downloadable, article rewriter tool? If yes, then you should take the Chimp Rewriter seriously. Compatibility with Microsoft and Mac is fine (through Windows emulator).

But its finest article rewriter & article spinner method is the material that makes it famous. The app is filled with Emulated Natural Language and technology for artificial intelligence that contributes to improving the efficiency of spun content.

And, because of that, for over 31,000 SEO professionals now, Chimp Rewriter has been effectively spinning papers. And, as your perfect content rewriter method, it may be the best time for you to hire Chimp Rewriter.

chimp rewriter

What Makes Chimp Rewriter The Best Article Rewriter?

To first evaluate and then spin content at a lightning-fast level, it combines Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies.

  • The tool is also capable of analysing posts from around the web and then spinning them into a single unique content and combining them.
  • To first evaluate and then spin content at a lightning-fast level, it combines Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies.
  • This app also provides you with the ability to add photos and videos to your newly rewritten content automatically.
  • It has also been made possible by the team behind Chimp Rewriter to combine it with other applications such as WP Robot, RankWyz, Ultimate Demon, etc.

Chimp Rewriter Pricing

On top of 14 days of free trial, Chimp Rewriter is one of the best article spinner app that provides a staggering 60 day money-back guarantee. Besides this, at small membership fees, you can secure their monthly or annual access along with 3 thrilling incentives.

chimp rewriter pricing
  • Monthly – This plan comes at $15/month and you can use it on 2 computers.
  • Yearly – You can secure yearly access by paying $99/year.

Rating –  4.5/5Try Chimp Rewriter Free For 14 Days

6. WordAi – Article Rewriter Software

One such article spinner tool is WordAi, which is known to produce content of human quality while being incredibly simple to use. Yes, users of WordAi really enjoy its simple user interface and excellent service.

But it doesn't change its efficiency by being quick or easy to use. That is, WordAi is packed with artificial intelligence that understands the meaning of words before spinning, much like other excellent article rewriter & article spinner software. Improving the quality of spun content, therefore.

wordai -best article rewriter tools

What Makes WordAi The Best Article Spinner?

  • The WordAi team has released its new fourth version, which is almost 150 times faster and improved than its third version. In a matter of a few seconds, it will spin larger posts.
  • The artificial intelligence technology of WordAi is able to comprehend concepts, thoughts, context, and multiple meanings of the same words. Better material is, however, rewritten.
  • With a single upload, this article spinner app has the ability to spin 10 to 1,000 posts. While its rival supports a limit of 10 items in the bulk spinning feature, in a single attempt, WordAi allows you to spin up to 1,000 items.
  • The app also helps you to add the tool “Perfect Tense” which is known for its services of spelling and grammar checking. This increases the quality of spun content enormously.
  • As of now, 4 global languages are supported by WordAi, including English.

WordAi Pricing

The team at WordAi has also kept its pricing plans extremely simple and affordable with respect to its accessibility. Right now, with a 3 day trial period, WordAi is available for use with either a monthly or yearly subscription. In addition, all the features of WordAi are covered by all of these plans.

  • Monthly Turing Plan – You can sign up for this plan by paying $49.95/month.
  • Yearly Turing Plan – At $347/year, you can get yearly access to WordAi.

Rating –  4.4/5Try WordAi Free For 3 Days

7. QuillBot – Freemium Article Rewriting Tool

You'd be surprised to hear that in the initial version of this blog post on the best article rewriter & article spinner tools, QuillBot was not. But I was blown away by its success after using this rewriting method by myself, and thus allowed me to feature it in this post.

Honestly speaking, I am not a big fan of free rewriters. But trust me, when I say the free edition is clever enough to rewrite the content as if it were written by a fluent speaker of English. Imagine what could be done in the premium version.

What Makes QuillBot The Top Article Rewriting Tool?

  • For article spinning and rewriting, it provides five models. And, this allows readability easier.
  • A Word Flipper function is included in the tool that helps you to configure how much flipping is needed at the word stage. Another type of multi-level spinning is this.
  • QuillBot has its own cloud Thesaurus, much as other apps, which lends a helping hand in the process of content spinning. The app makes sure your writing contains the proper synonyms.
  • As a Chrome extension, you can add QuillBot too. You can spin material on the go and from wherever you like in this way.
  • In Google Docs and Microsoft Word, QuillBot is also integrated as an add-on so that you can spin the content right from there.

QuillBot Pricing

It is a freemium content rewrite platform . It means that for such limitations and usage limits, there is an eternally free plan. QuillBot has three subscription options to remove these restrictions, selling all the functionality and upgrading the character limit to 10,000 a day.

  • A free plan indefinitely, with limits of 500 characters and three spinning model..
  • You’d be charged $4.95 per month for the monthly plan.
  • The semi-annual plan is chargeable at a rate of $4.15 per month.
  • At last, the yearly plan is chargeable at the rate of $3.33 per month.

Rating –  4.4/5Try QuillBot For Free

8. Content Professor – Easiest Article Spinner

I find a secret weapon by the name of Content Professor, much as diamonds are found deep in the earth. Users believe it to be the “world's easiest article spinning system” despite its low popularity.

Content Professor has built online support right into the app to achieve the title of easiest article spinner. In addition, for beginners, a 5-step guide and a detailed user guide are also available. And, finally, by offering top-notch article spinning features, it leaves an eternal impression on its users.

What Makes Content Professor The Best Article Spinner Tool?

  • The Content Professor core feature helps you to order the addition or removal from its global database of such synonyms. In addition, the package also includes a advanced synonym algorithm that categorises the synonym based on its use.
  • Much like Spin Rewriter, there is also an extensive library of up to 100,000 PLR papers in Content Professor. To build their exclusive versions for yourself, you can use these articles with full rights and spin them.
  • All sorts of Spintax formats are provided by the rewriter. So you can pick the one for greater performance that you are familiar with. Nested spinning is also possible in Content Professor, in addition to this.
  • You'd be shocked to hear that a multilingual thesaurus is kept by the Content Professor. English, Spanish, French and German are the languages that are supported.
  • The software is packed with a spelling checker, a duplicate text checker, and supports Copyscape & Parallelism incorporation.

Content Professor Pricing

Along with its functionality, this item rewrite tool comes with a single premium package. And the alternative for this package is to select the subscription period. If not, you can still sign up for the free forever plan, but you'll have limited access to functionality and spinning credits.

But the package of 3 bonuses is the item that persuades general users to sign up for the subscription plan. A web-based graphic maker, a squeeze website maker, a video & eBook creator are included. You can still pay $1 to sign up for the Pro package for a free trial duration of 7 days.

  • Standard (Free) – This is the Content Professor's free package which includes 200-400 spin credits per month. The update wait time is 90 seconds, 5 PLR articles regular download limit, and just 3 stages of nested spinning. In addition, you will be limited to 5,000 words per post (for spinning) and 20 spun articles per download for the free plan.
  • Pro – In the other hand, the Pro plan comes with a $19.95/month annual subscription fee and a $9.99/month quarterly subscription fee. In this plan, all the limitations are uplifted and instant download of spun articles is also supported.

Rating –  4.3/5Get Content Professor With 4 Bonuses

9. Spinbot – Best Free Article Spinner

Spinbot is the most popular free article rewriter, if you do not know it yet. It has acquired a large user base of new bloggers, mainly students, due to its free services.

Despite being a free-to-use app, however, Spinbot has a cap for article spinning of 10,000 characters. But it will also spin papers similar to human-like content and rewrite them. The content produced by this tool is not similar to the quality of the content produced by other premium article rewriters, but I will be very honest with you.

What Makes Spinbot The Best Free Article Rewriter?

  • Spinbot generates human-readable content in spite of its free-to-use nature.
  • It offers a significant spinning limit of 10,000 characters which is close to 1,000 words.
  • You don’t have to sign up or register if you want to use the free version of Spinbot.
  • Spinbot provides an “Ignore” feature that allows you to protect particular words from spinning.

Spinbot Pricing

Spinbot is, as previously said, a free article spinner platform with a maximum of 10,000 characters. But you can get the premium edition if you want to increase this limit and also delete advertisements and captchas. There are 3 separate subscription plans that provide options for weekly, semi-yearly, and annual billing.

  • For monthly access, you’d have to pay $10 every month.
  • In order to get access for 6 months, you’d have to subscribe to $50 per 6 months plan.
  • Lastly, you can secure yearly access by paying a $75/year subscription fee.

Rating –  4.0/5Try Spinbot For Free

10. PrePost SEO – Free Online Article Spinner

If you don't know it yet, PrePost SEO provides for SEO purposes a range of free online resources. And, a special article spinner is among those tools.

This spinner tool is absolutely free to use and a quick copy-paste and hit technique is all it requires. The tool automatically performs the processing and spinning.

Complete disclosure-the content created by this tool wasn't really up to the mark and consisted of several mistakes and grammatical errors.

What Makes PrePost SEO The Ideal Free Spinning Tool?

  • For starters, it is a 100% free tool for content spinning.
  • It offers a generous 1,000 words limit for spinning.
  • You get to either copy-paste the content or upload a file to start the process.

Prepost SEO Pricing

As I said earlier, in order to use this app, you do not have to pay any fees. Even better, you still don't have to sign up on the website to spin the articles, unlike other best article rewriter & article spinner software.

Rating –  3.8/5Try PrePost SEO For Free

All Done. Now What?

It's time for you to select one and start spinning your articles after exploring all the best article rewriter & article spinner resources.

While you may still be doubtful about opting for your “ideal” article rewriter tool, it may still be possible.

In that case, I would recommend you to at least sign up and use their free trial period for any of the above-mentioned tools.

After completing your free trial, I'm very sure you'd be able to complete your best article rewriter for your needs.

As always, feel free to drop them in the comments section when you have any questions. I'd be happy to help you out.

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