How To Install WordPress Plugin

When you're simply entering into WordPress, among the very first concerns you'll come across is how to set up a WordPress plugin? Today, we offer you a beginner-friendly response.

Okay, so the web has plenty of “get this plugin, get that plugin!” suggestions regarding WordPress.

Plugins certainly are among the crucial things that make WordPress remarkable, and you definitely should not prevent brand-new plugins!

However, before you can profit from what some excellent plugin brings, you must have the essential things set up. Here's the simplest method to set up a WordPress plugin:

How to install a free WordPress plugin 

Note How to set up a WordPress plugin that's complimentary works a little in a different way than setting up a premium plugin. In this guide, we cover both. Starting with complimentary plugins:

1. Go to “Plugins” in your WordPress control panel

Start by going to your admin panel– and click “Plugins” in the sidebar menu:

2. Click on “Add New”

You can discover the “Add New” button near the top of the page:

3. Find your plugin by means of search

What you'll see next is a page that reveals you a list of featured/recommended plugins and a convenient search field on the right– this is the one we're going to utilize.

Input the plugin name wish to set up because search field. In my case, I'm going to show how to install our Revive Old Post plugin:

Now, the fantastic thing here is that you do not even require to input the plugin's full name. For example, I'm simply going to utilize “revive” and push the get-in secret on my keyboard.

4. Install your plugin

Once you see the plugin you're searching for on the list, all you require to do now is click the “Install Now” button. WordPress will show plugin and have it set up on your website when you do that. It works just like setting up a brand-new app on your phone.

5. Activate the plugin

There's one last action. When the setup is total, click the “Activate Plugin” link that has simply appeared:

It's done! The plugin has been triggered, and WordPress will let you learn about this truth through a bit of note at the top of the page:

How to set up a  premium/ paid  WordPress plugin

The procedure of how to set up a WordPress plugin that's premium or paid is a bit different. Purely because premium plugins are not readily available in the leading plugin directory site– the one you can access using the search choice in your wp-admin panel.

1. Get the plugin archive

The very first thing you need to do in some way, get the plugin itself. This action you need to manage by yourself. Most typically, this includes going to a market or a plugin shop and purchasing a copy of the plugin from there.

Long story short, you must have the installable plugin file conserved as a ZIP archive as an outcome of your purchase. Like so:

I, for instance, have our Feedzy plugin to try out here.

2. Go to “Plugins” in your WordPress control panel

Once you have your ZIP file, return to your WordPress wp-admin panel, click “Plugins” in the sidebar menu, and after that on the “Add New” button:

3. Upload your plugin archive

From there, click the “Upload Plugin” button noticeable at the top:

On the next screen, you will have the ability to submit your plugin's ZIP file directly to your WordPress. Just choose the ZIP from your desktop and verify the upload by clicking “Install Now.”

4. Activate the plugin

When WordPress completes doing its magic, you'll require to trigger the plugin:

After doing so, the plugin is online and you can begin utilizing it.

That's it for how to set up a WordPress plugin! I hope this has been practical!

If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to send them in the remarks listed below.

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