Make Money With Amazon(February 2021)

Thousands of people worldwide have quit their office jobs and joined in the promotion of Amazon Affiliate programs if they wanted to be a full-time affiliate marketer or took advantage of this ability as a passive revenue source.

Make money with amazon FBA

This article invites you if you wish to follow them. To make this business a success, the thing that will best benefit you is expertise (and experience, although that will undoubtedly expand with time until you get to work).

Keep driving! We're going to attempt to explain the fundamentals of Amazon Affiliate with technical solutions and suggestions for growth.

What's Amazon's affiliate marketing? 

make money with amazon

FYI, the Amazon partner network is named Amazon Affiliates. It's the largest and most successful affiliate program in the world.

Amazon Associates, along with the many resources it provides, is also the most trusted online marketer firm.

Amazon Associates is pervasive no matter where you work. The regulation, particularly the commission rate, is the same for associates from every corner of the globe.

Why Amazon's Marketing Associate

make money with amazon


Amazon is home to millions of products. Every marketer will create his fortune by dealing with a tiny portion of it. Suppose you have a multi-category page or a deep-down niche. In that case, Amazon will please you and many people who visit the pages.

Resource availability

A lot of people around the world work with Amazon Associates. You can never experience a shortage of awareness and information. From basic to advanced, you're going to get the answer to all your questions.

Perfect chance

E.g., you're dealing with the ‘internet watch' niche. If people follow one of your ties and then purchase a bunch of things besides a look, what do you suppose will happen?

You're going to get a commission on everything they purchase (the cookies remember you for 24 hours).


Getting started with Amazon Associates is painless and does not require a lot of technological expertise. Anyone with a machine and an internet link will render it a success.


Thousands of partner pages can surface in front of you, but you can't trust them all because they sometimes end up being scams or frauds. Amazon conducts the company around the globe, including inventories in various nations.

Physical Products

Amazon is mainly famous for traditional commodities, but it still offers digital products on a limited scale. It provides the goods that we need in our everyday lives. The genre varies from home to hobby, clothing to planting, and thousands more.

How much you will gain

Of all honesty? It's up to you. “The more you encourage customers to shop, the more you earn”-that's the foundation of every partner network. And with Amazon's wide variety of items, the odds of winning with Amazon Partners are potentially similar to infinity. But first, take a peek at the composition of the Amazon Commission.

make money with amazon
Amazon Associates Standard Commission

From 0%, the commission moves up to 10 % and does not neglect the infinite opportunities of this trillion (and larger) dollar market.

Here, I'm doing a quick estimate to give you a taste of your future profits. Amazon is selling 7 percent handbags, and I'm guessing you're having 1k guests a month.

Let's assume that 100 visitors visit and make a transaction at an average price of $100.

make money with amazon

From 7%, you will make $700.

But just a minute! What if you've had 2k or 4k visitors? What if the conversion rate is 20% for a 10% commission rate?

You see, I can't restrict you by suggesting that you're going to gain “that much” or “that much.” The plan relies on you.

How does it work

If you sign up for Amazon Partners, you'll get affiliate connections to all items sold on

You will market the items through your niche-based websites. If anyone enters Amazon from one of the connections you've sponsored and buys stuff, you're going to get the fee.

How to become an Amazon affiliate Marketer?

make money with amazon

Create a website

You require proper media to manage your company as an Amazon Affiliate. It might be a website, a forum, or even a YouTube channel. The better you can transform your blog into a user-populated location, the quicker you'll be useful.

Amazon often considers the consistency of the site during the evaluation process. Keep your aim transparent as you're developing the platform: who's the target user, what's the traffic source, and what's the intention of your site.

Register to Amazon Affiliates

Now, go to the Amazon Affiliates homepage to set up your account. It's a fast and painless operation.

  • Visit the Amazon Associates  home page and click “Join Now for Free”
  • Log in to your Amazon account. If you built one earlier, otherwise, make a new one.

How to build a profile for Amazon Associates

You've signed up for your Amazon account already. Quite quickly, you're about to develop your profile. Please see the “Enter Now for Free” button? Only press it.

Please fill in the form with your necessary details, such as your name, address, etc. Then press the “Next” icon.

Include the blogs, YouTube channels, smartphone applications, and so on and press next.

make money with amazon

Please note your favourite Associates' Store ID. It's close to the name of your website. E.g., if the domain is, then the ID will be anything like mentor-82 or mentor-50 and so on. Now, tell us about your website: who are you going to do it, what details are you going to post, and your intention?

Choose the subjects that are shown on the blogs or platforms.

make money with amazon

How are you willing to take the traffic to your site? Explain this by checking the boxes for SEO, blogs, and more. You will need to pick the alternative for the website monetization source: eBay, Commission Junction, display ads, and anything you want. Amazon also wants to hear about your connection building strategies and exclusive monthly guests.

make money with amazon

Please send your phone number and click “Contact me now.” You'll get a PIN you need to enter right after you've got a message. Pick the TOI box and press the Finish button. Registration will be done shortly.

make money with amazon

The procedure is already completed. Now or later, you can enter your payment and tax details. Go to the dashboard to try more exciting stuff.

make money with amazon
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How to create links for Amazon Affiliate

Here we're going to clarify how to get affiliate links for the respective items when you're going to advertise. You will do so in precisely two respects. The former is conventional and time-requiring, whereas the other is very quick and simple for anyone. However, the site has to be in WordPress for the second step, while the first form is available to all media.

The Common Method

  • To create a link for affiliation, you must enter the dashboard of your Amazon Associates, first
  • Select one of these options: “Quick Links: Search for Product” or “Browse for Product”
  • If you want to search for a particular product, you have to choose “Quick Links: Search for Product”
  • The other option (“Browse for Product”) lets you search for multiple products based on their categories
  • However, when you see your desired product on the list, click the “Get Link” button
  • There are other options like text-only, text and image, image only, and you may customize your link by selecting one from them
  • You can also customize other things such as background color or image size based on the link type you have chosen
  • Now, check out the preview before including it to your posts
  • Get the shorter version of the link from the link shortening box
  • Finally, copy the link and paste it to your site (as short link or HTML)

And, well, the super-easy way.

You've seen how to build Amazon affiliate connections manually. The method is slow, time-consuming, and, for sure, unconvincing. Still, if you're going to obey the steps, do so. We would also like to show you another way to build certainties seamlessly with a little time (nearly no time) spent.

If you're in WordPress, we've got excellent news for you. There are top-notch, time-saving, and user-friendly Amazon Affiliates connection building plugins available to render the above method more comfortable and more convenient. And because these plugins don't only provide connection building capabilities but a few other useful functions, why not use them and reinvent the wheel again and again?

Pros and Cons

I'm going to continue to leave no stone unturned. In any scenario, both the optimistic and the harmful elements of this partner scheme can be addressed. Next, the positive stuff concerning Amazon Partners.

Best Spatial Niches

If you're dealing in a physical niche, Amazon will be the perfect match for you. There are thousands of types of physical goods.

After conducting market analysis, get started on what you've found to be encouraging. You may begin with the attachments or the items themselves. For limited projects, computing devices such as a mouse, speakers, etc., may be offered. However, notebooks may be deemed a significant niche.

Anyway, in this new age, seeking affiliates with digital goods and services is an effortless matter. Still, for physical stuff, Amazon is undeniably the ruler. Besides, you will not see many such products in one location, particularly for affiliates.

Additional purchase means an extra commission.

In general, people should not make sales right after they have arrived on the product website. They love to try various models of individual items and glance into those categories as well.

The more they shop, the more willing they would be to purchase more than one thing. Amazon can keep track of the consumers 24 hours after their first visit. So, during this period, whatever you are buying, you're going to gain commission on that.

Your blog, for example, is about baby goods. One parent is visiting your site and heading to Amazon through your connection. Then, along with baby things, they bought some beauty goods. Yeah, you're going to get a commission for that, even if you haven't advertised it.

And even though they don't make a purchase within 24 hours but add items to the cart, you'll get charged if they complete the transaction within 90 days of their first visit via your affiliate account. How good! How sweet!

The conversion is tremendous.

Ok, Amazon is nearly unbeatable when it comes to conversion. Often even the business norm gets past. This ensures that you're on a high conversion site with endless hood choices.

If you equate Amazon's migration to other sites, Amazon earns all the accolades. The most critical reality is that Amazon's market is persistent or upheaval – not fluctuating or dropping.

Amazon has an exceptional job (actually, they have a premium service named Prime. lol) to turn traffic to consumers. So, it's your responsibility to send people out of your channel, because they're going to change your way of life.

Extra commission on holidays

During the holiday season, Amazon and other stores are inundated with traffic, which implies an extreme revenue spike. And you remember, more profits are going to mean more commission.

If you can set your blog right, you can push a ton of traffic through your media to Amazon. Holidays arrive not only for general citizens with nice stuff, but they surely compensate affiliate advertisers with an endless amount of sales.

And, there’s FBA

All the people around you are future clients. Did you hear about that? What about linking them and persuading them to make shopping utilizing your links? Haha, this isn't the way it functions.

First of all, you ought to set up your media. It'd be a forum, social networking, YouTube channels, and more. Your primary task is to draw people with entertaining material. If you're good with this challenge, it's not hard to get a broad community who love to click on your affiliate connection.

After reaching a loyal audience base, the next move is more important.

You are selling your goods for you.

Sounds crazy?

Because it isn't, Amazon has this outstanding chance to offer products on the website.

When you have people coming to sites or media, it’s time to show them a new path where they will find your products.

When you have customers going to the internet or the newspapers, it's time to teach them a different way to discover the goods.

This software is classified as FBA or Amazon Fulfillment.

It's up to you to touch this chance or not. We hope to deduce that, along with Amazon Partners, we are joining a brand new environment full of curiosity, prospects, and a range of possibilities.

The bad

While Amazon appears to be the most convincing affiliate industry to make money for, it has some drawbacks, too.

Low commission prices

Amazon Affiliate's commission cost is not necessarily modest. It ranges from category to category. Yet, it only reaches 10%, which is insufficient if we equate the structure to other partner networks.

Period limitations by tapping

Here's another lousy severe problem with the Amazon partner. People don't often purchase right away after heading to Amazon to obey the links. They will walk about and depart without making any transactions.

Think, after two days, they came back and purchased everything they decided to buy the other day. Nope, what you're hoping isn't going to happen. You won't get a commission if the order is made more than 24 hours after the person has joined Amazon by clicking on your affiliate connection. Also, the cookie will be wiped out right after everyone has completed the transaction through your link.

Still, considering the other networks, they have a more extended cookie existence that lets affiliates gain some good money. So, the 24-hour time period is a terrible idea if you explain the negative things.

Stories of success

This article doesn't have the space to chat to Amazon about success tales. We could add a post later by collecting some inspiration tales.

But if you read Jamie's post, you're going to get some motivation to kick-start right away. It's earning about $3k a month that's rising every day. At first, he placed all his focus on writing material only. He then went on to create connections and other techniques to market his website. Guest blogging, forum chat, and blog commenting became his early source for having backlinks.

Looking over the internet, you'll get a ton of success reports produced for Amazon's partner. You may start with this post for inspiration. We also recommend a great collection of CloudLiving, which, ultimately, has a great value to read and practice.

Best Practice

Over the years, people have experienced massive popularity in the promotion of Amazon associates. So, they're likely to have worked out specific common values.

Update contents regularly

Google is the primary source of most web traffic, and Google likes fresh content. If you post your blogs daily, you're going to get a higher spot on SERPs. In addition to the excellent and unique content, new materials are needed.

Broad niche

A more sensible approach is to pick a market that has lots of keywords to deal with. After writing a dozen posts, if you got lost and didn't have something to post, you're on the wrong road.

Use Strong CTA

Your readers may miss the inclusion of referral ties. We consider utilizing attractive CTA to ensure greater exposure and more CTR. Usually, advertisers prefer to use “order now” buttons in bold colors that attract them.

Affiliate disclosure

When you get started with Amazon Partners, it's mandatory to make the affiliates accessible on your account. Amazon recommends that precise language should be used with the disclosure. Overall, it would help if you were transparent about your promotion to win the customer's confidence that you would earn a fee.

What's Not To Do

There are some guidelines to obey if you're in any company. Amazon still has a poor record for banning Associates' profiles. It's always easier to realize what you don't have to do before you even jump into a company. A little carelessness could have lost you a lot of time.

Don't share your affiliate links via email.

You have several other choices that use referral connections outside your blogs. Bear in mind that you are only lawfully permitted to position links on the platform mentioned on the Amazon Associates account. Save your form to share links via email, PDF, Facebook groups, and other locations where login or registration is needed.

Don't use any other connection shorteners.

Amazon connections are too lengthy, and advertisers ought to truncate (yes, that's a fancy term for “shortening”) them. Don't even dream about cloaking ties with shorteners like or goo. Gl, etc.

Amazon means utilizing their connection shorter, and we highly recommend that as well. But for WordPress site owners, connection shortening plugins are an excellent choice, which is also compliant with the Amazon Associates guideline.

You can find different WordPress plugins for this particular function. What's best is, these plugins don't only shorten the Amazon Affiliate connections, but they come with plenty of useful tools as well. You can still try plugins like AzonPress, EasyAzon, AAWP and reinvent your whole Amazon Associate company!

You can’t pay affiliate links included social media posts

If you're writing a round-up post for Amazon goods and sharing it with social media from which users will redirect to your blog, that's not a concern. Except if you share a direct affiliate connection to a social networking post, you can't compensate for endorsing this post.

Avoid mentioning prices

Showing the incorrect offer is a violation of Amazon's terms and conditions. As you know, Amazon's price, so it's a safe idea not to post the number on your blog. If you can stay up to date, there is no requirement. But the issue is how can you get your website up-to-date, mainly because there are loads of links. Don't risk adding the price unless you can immediately refresh the Amazon API.

But the positive news is, Amazon's partner plugins like AzonPress may be an excellent answer to these issues. As this plugin fetches details from the Amazon API, it automatically updates specific information (such as product definition, price, availability, etc.).

So, whether you view Amazon items in a sidebar widget, a product display table, or a comparison table using a plugin AzonPress-generated Affiliate links, you won't have to change them manually again. The plugin would automatically gather details from Amazon. If a piece of product information is changed on Amazon, it will also be updated on your web.

Tips for success

We want to share some helpful, realistic pro tips for performance. Later on to other blogs, we'll address them in more depth. But here, we say that you are the only ones you should submit in the initial stages.

Low-competitive niches

As you already know, the first thing you need to do is go for a niche to launch your affiliate marketing. It's not necessary, so it can help you get to your goal faster.

Influencer marketing

Any of whom have an impact on the culture. If they had to claim something right, people would prefer to accept it that way. It's not too challenging to locate the influencers in the niches. Have them to get them to talk with you. You may interview them or make them say something for you in their realm (blog, Facebook page, YouTube channel, etc.)

Viral marketing

In this era of social networking, something will go viral. You can't get the gut instinct of what people will enjoy starting advertising themselves. Under any scenario, keep up-to-date and strive not to skip what's going on with media streams. Take the name with it to get your target people (in a right way, of course).


If you're launching your technology or sporting affiliates, it's all up to you. If you pick a small market, it might be challenging to make profits because the market is just too big. By choosing different platforms, you scatter seeds all over the yard. You should expect some plants you're going to get for sure, even though some can't survive.

How to promote

There are hundreds of options to help Amazon Affiliate links, and you're encouraged to use all of them. You can't just stand up on the road and challenge people to follow your ties by handcuffing them.

What you need is a proper channel that we described earlier as a media channel. These media may be social networking like Facebook and Twitter, video sharing platforms like YouTube, or our website.

Second, we suggest setting up a web account. Since a web site will bring you a potential group that will turn to consumers, not to mention that, while you don't make money from Amazon, the blog itself may be a valued commodity.

Let's see how you're going to advertise your company through various styles of posts. Here are few suggestions, and you may expand them at your discretion.

Roundup posts

These articles are also produced to reflect a few quick-trigger keywords. Here are a few instances of this:

“Best Laptops for College Students”
“Best VR Headsets for 3D experience”

There are several ways people build these blogs, and we have noticed some general notions of the framework. Start with the introduction, some required product detail, a mini-guide, and quick feedback on various successful products with pictures (usually from Amazon). At the outset, several bloggers introduce a table with a group of product connections.

In-depth tutorials

Have you ever questioned yourself why people are moving to the internet? It's all about finding responses to the issues that emerged in them. They need a solution, and they want to know how to fix their present circumstance.

So, do you have my points? If the blog addresses challenges, readers will enjoy it.

Comparison posts

When contrasting two or more items, citizens need to decide on such products. They are more educated regarding the goods in this way and can determine without tension.

Typically, you compose these articles contrasting two items while examining their positive sides and their negative points. People often get caught in between two products. After their in-depth review and study, they are left with just two choices. And here you come with your article of reference.

These are based on the intention of the customer. You know what they're asking for. Now, you're going to provide them with insightful material that fixes their problems. In most instances, consumers can select one from a pair.

What we would like to note is a contrast of places with low competition and strong buyer intent. Owing to the limited search volume, you will be able to escape certain types by not utilizing them too much.

List articles

Several famous blogs adopt this style where listings get the most concern. Even search engines tend to assign preference to list-style entries. While they are identical to roundup posts, they are somewhat distinct from them.

A list of goods usually contains a list of products and small explanations for both. Speaking about the importance, they're supporting consumers with a range of tips. Also, bear in mind that these papers can be regarded as thin material.

It's safe to go for the roundup posts in a large amount for tiny and emerging pages. Mixing up various styles of posts may be a profitable option for newcomers.

Resources that you need to use

Without any resources, success will be stagnating. Success in today's environment needs swift action.


This is an excellent method for keyword testing and competitor review. It is assumed that the Ahrefs connect database is one of the most massive collections in the world. Until beginning a new project, perform some simple analysis to identify profitable keywords.

Another great use of Ahrefs is understanding competitors strength. If you know what your contenders are doing and how they are doing before even the battle got started, you can consider yourself standing ahead of them.

You've got to pay a reasonable sum for this plugin, but believe me, it's worth your pocket. If you do a cost-effectiveness review, Ahrefs will send you a suitable outcome.


Over the past couple of years, WordPress has been a significant reliance among bloggers and affiliate marketers. WordPress' success has been increasing since its launch, and there is no evidence of a downturn in its prestige.

Getting started with Amazon Associates is a must. And, without WordPress, you're only going to fall behind the current rate. Enter this network for improved performance and quicker improvement. Another compelling reason to link to this network is the broader culture.

Google Analytics

Monitoring the development and efficiency of the platform is mandatory. You will get all the data from the operations on your site using Google's free app. Which sites perform well, where the viewer comes from, how users from mobile devices act – through Analytics, you can get all this knowledge.

Keyword Planner

This is another free but strongly recommended analysis method. You'll notice this tool in Google Advertising. If you start your company, this tool will be your best friend to find possible keywords and conduct in-depth analysis.


Grammarly has both a free and a premium edition, but the free version has serious limitations. However, to ensure your blog post's accuracy and to check plagiarism, Grammarly will help you waste a lot of time.


Making stock lists and reference lists is time-consuming and nettlesome. You will wisely cope with this problem if you use some product to tackle this issue in particular.

make money with amazon

AzonPress s is intended to save time when you need to build Amazon product lists for your affiliate ties. Now, rest assured on the Amazon Partner Plugin AzonPress.


Can you imagine a blog post with no photo at all? But at the outset, you can't hire a graphic artist. Besides, for blogging purposes, you can't operate correctly without the aid of a designer.

Learn how to use software to complete tiny design-related activities. Don't get afraid. I'm not asking you to use Photoshop! Please use Canva. It's a free tool with millions of elements and an easy-to-use GUI.

Quick SEO tips

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial player in efficiency traffic earnings. You can't move ahead without your niche-related target group. In other terms, the success of your affiliate depends primarily on SEO.

Don't get too intense with SEO, on a side note. I say you don't have to be an SEO master. You need a simple idea that you can bring into your affiliate marketing. However, there is no harm in knowing the information.

Here, we will attempt to quickly list some of the cardinal points so that your actions will not be vain. Check out my blog post for more SEO ideas for younger partner marketers.

On page optimization

For example, SEO may mainly be separated into two large groups: on-page and off-page. Online optimization is taking place inside the platform, and it is important to keep the domain in good shape.

In the same way, you do have to take note of the rating of your website. Through doing so, Google and other search engines would find the web absolutely up to par. Not only does proper on-page optimization aid not to be flagged, but it also improves the efficiency of the web.

Insert the target keyword to popular positions such as post description, headings, and URL. Often mention the keyword in the first line, the content, and the last section. The internal relation for the same group is an authoritative ranking booster.

For outbound connections, aim to send it to non-competitor and authority pages. If you need to include ties to your rivals, make sure they are “no-follow.” Don't neglect to have the focus keyword and the associated keywords in the meta summary.

High-quality content

Building fresh and high-quality content is a requirement for Amazon's effective targeting of associates. Google likes places that satisfy tourists with rich, quality, problem-solving and insightful content.

So, there's no way to deviate from the production of scrupulous material if the aim is to remain on the market for a long time. Only create content that addresses issues that emerge in the life of your client. Note, thin and fluffy material means that you're going to die (I say, your web. Don't be serious about it).

No matter how long, strive to hold it above 800+ words. The longer it is, the better your probability is to ascend to the peak. And more comprehensive material offers you the ability to apply more keywords to a collection of variants.

Valuable backlinks

This is another pivotal rating element that will drive the site to a higher SERP location. As high-level pages support it, Google finds it to be a solid endorsement from the highest class. The outcome is pretty good. More consistency backlinks imply more rating and greater credibility.

Relevance is another critical problem that needs to be meticulously taken care of during connection construction. Relations should be both appropriate and regular. Encourage the audience to share your blog posts by creating user-centric content and incorporating social networking buttons.

Fast, responsive website

How successful a website depends on the appearance of the website on mobile devices. Today's smart blogger doesn't focus exclusively on desktop traffic. When the amount of people visiting from mobile devices is growing, it's time to look at this site.

Even Google displays different search results for web browsers. If your platform is not sensitive properly, you will miss any critical traffic. Don't take a chance, and the competition is way too competitive to be imagined. Our strongest recommendation is to make use of a high-performance WordPress style.

Is your site very slow? Don't be late and come to grips with this topic now. Next, verify the pace of the web using a test accessible online. Even Google has a speed checker feature on it. Figure out what's wrong with the web, and then start repairing it.

Myths about Amazon affiliate marketing

Because Amazon is the largest company and the largest partner network, you may have heard the news about it. Well, not all of this is real. Theories are floating about you, and they don't mean to be pursued.

We can't wait to say any of them. Let's get to know the most repeated gossips and the facts.

90-day cookie

“Customers visit Amazon through your link, and they didn’t buy anything. You have nothing to worry now because when someone clicks on the link and landed on Amazon, your 90-day cookie began.”

Have you read enough reports about Amazon before? This is the greatest misconception you've ever learned around Amazon's affiliate ads so far, we think.

First of all, Amazon provides a 24-hour cookie that doesn't work until the user has made the order immediately.

Suppose you have a customer who went to Amazon, attached a product to your cart, then left without checking out. The option for 90-day completion has now been allowed. This means even if he returns within 90 days and finishes the order, you would also obtain the commission.

Ok, this isn't a cookie. This is a special connection. If it were to work so fast, everybody would practice it, and Amazon wouldn't hold a 24-hour cookie.

Google doesn’t like affiliate sites

All good affiliate marketers get their significant traffic from Google. If Google hates partner pages, so how did people get their blogs right.

Google is in love with premium websites. Suppose you create the site according to the simple SEO guidelines and do not break any of the standards that Google has set up to uphold. In that case, you're heading in the right direction, for sure.

You've got to pick a niche to survive.

Without a unique niche, you will find your way to prosperity. A ton of them did. Working for a specific niche will offer you certain benefits when you choose to focus on one issue. In addition, Google will easily classify this sort of site to the rank at which it is strenuous in this rivalry era.

Concluding remarks

Performance in Amazon's affiliate marketing needs a strong balance of extensive consumer analysis, comprehensive content creation policy, and patience. You can't take it in a day or a week, but you're bound to win if you're after it.

Choosing a low-competition niche and a wider niche will help you fight the war before you launch. You always have to take control of the media your whole way if you're going to support the affiliates.

Often, having the right resources will save you time and money and increase the process to complete further projects within a shorter timeline.

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